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While digital technologies, cloud computing and networking have all changed our social lives, these developments have yet not touched on our businesses. Zumbido is the world’s first networked ERP platform that takes business solutions to the next level, with the added benefits of creating an interconnected, smart business network ecosystem. Managing business data across the domains within and outside the organizations is a challenge which is faced by all the organizations. Zumbido, the world’s first networked ERP, a cloud based, user-owned solution can be a turnaround specially for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) by integrating and synchronizing data input not just within departments but from across the entire business network, thus, minimizing the need of integrating different ERPs for Visibility and Collaboration.

This means that through just one data trigger from any stakeholder, information gets updated not just within the various functions of an organization, but actually across the entire business ecosystem. Thus, eliminating the need for data capture at multiple points like the suppliers’ systems, the buyers’ systems etc in addition to the organization’s systems. Hence there are savings in terms of data input, zero delays and data mismatch/errors, and immense savings by avoiding inventory wastage/mismanagement. These process efficiencies result in better productivity and profitability for all the stakeholders within the entire business network.”

Zumbido Express is transforming the business landscape by allowing, for the first time, the businesses to integrate all their processes within and across their ecosystem, from suppliers to production to customers, into a single network. The solution has modules across all business functions like Procurement, Production, Inventory, Sales, Finance, HRM, Sales and you can’t miss a one.

This is Industry 4.0 in every sense. We are excited to empower our MSMEs through this smart networking solution because it reduces their time, costs, wastage and errors/discrepancies, avoids delays, and facilitates smart decision making. Equipped with all checks and controls that allow the businesses to decide what data should be made visible and to whom, Zumbido Express gives businesses the power of anytime, anywhere updated information, yet with the discretion and security ensured by the latest technological tools and safeguards.”

Zumbido Express has been built by employing cognitive computing technologies, in an open, system-agnostic way. It makes use of the most up-to-date software development technologies to make the solution agile, extremely stable, flexible, scalable, and secure. The software being device agnostic, can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any of the user’s devices. Allowing the latest information being available for smart decision making at the management’s fingertips.

With the adoption of Zumbido Express, SMBs become more empowered by owning and controlling their own data across their business ecosystem. It enables these businesses to replace paper trail and complex data management procedures with a single-point networked solution. By doing this, the businesses have the potential to reduce manpower wastage, reduce costs, minimize errors and data mismatch, thus resulting in efficiencies across the business. With ready information about inventories, production, sales, finances, performances etc, management can take quick and smart decisions to boost their productivity as well as profitability.

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