Zumbido Limited

Our Modules and Functions

Product Benefit

Global Market Place (Display Products to End Users)A global marketplace for businesses to transact among themselves
Merchant Market PlaceMake or receive payments from your vendors or clients without intermediation
B2B NetworkCreate a network of secured network for clients (onboarded on the platform)
Access ManagementDefine rights to different users based on work allocation
Audit Trail/ Transaction TrackingTrail of actions performed/ messages recorded for each transaction

Supply Chain Network

Distribution Chain Network MappingMap your distribution chain members to your virtual network defining the hierarchy in the network
Supplier Network MappingMap you suppliers to create suppliers’ network
Implement Product policy in Distribution NetworkDefine which products will be handled by a chain/ network member, if not all the products/ varients
Implement Pricing Policy in Distribution NetworkDefining pricing policy in the distribution heirarchy for automated purchase order generation (equivalent to long term agreement)
Implement Network transactions policyWhether the network members can transact among themselves or not for your products to maintain order in the business
Inventory Transfer in the NetworkTransfer non-moving products/ inventory in one chain to another chain for optimal inventory
Visibility in the Distribution ChainAccess the status of inventory of products/ varients in the distribution chain at each level
Suppliers ComparisionCompare quites/ offers of supplier for a product/ input
Chain Performance MeasurementMeasure performance of chains in the distribution network for efficiency in products/ varients
Product Offering alignmentAlign products/ varients among different chains of distribution network for optimal stock in each chain
Branch ManagementManage Branch operations
Inter-branch product movesProduct moves among branches/ warehouses
Tenders/ InvitationsInvite tenders for sale/ purchase of your products specific to use and industry
Transportation BidsSend invitations to transporters to quote charges for transportation of goods for a specific consignment

Service & Repair Network

Owned Service outletsCreate own service outlets
Outsourced Service outletsMap (virtual network) outsourced service outlets to your service/ repair network
Outsourced Service / Repair networkOutsource the service/ repair to another organization to manage service/ repair for you.
Repair Request ManagementReceive requests from customers for service/ repair of products sold at service outlets
Spare Parts ManagementManage spare parts availability for each product
Spare Parts ProcurementProcurement of spare parts by the service outlet from the master/ regional centers

Transportation Network

Manage VehiclesCreate and manage the operations of each vehicle
Manage DriversManage database of drivers and their assignment to specific vehicles and maintain log of the duration.
Manage Vehicle MaintenanceMaintain maintenance history of the vehicle
Manage Vehicle Running logMaintain the running log of the vehicle
Transportation RoutesCreate and manage transportation routes being served by you
Route LocationsMap route location
Picking Transport EntryManage picking and delivery of goods (consigner to consignee)
Receive Transportation bidsReceive request for tranport quotation for specified consignement from customers and provide quotes
Generate LRGenerate LR for goods transported


Online Negotiations on Request for QuotationsRequest for quotations from the suppliers for desired quantity and expected price
Online Negotiations on Sales QuotationsSend quotations for requested quantity and price to buyers
Convert Negotiatiated Quotes into ordersNegotiate on price online. Agree on price and quantity as contract. Convert the negotiation into purchase order for product/ quantity/ price
Multiple Purchase orders on Negotiated QuotesMultiple purchase orders can be raised for a negotiated contract till validity of the negotiated contract
Order Processingmanage complete cycle from procurement to payment OR Supply to payment
Create AgreementsCreate agreement for the contract
Create Service ProfilesYes
Raise Purchase orders – OnlineRaise Purchase orders in favour of suppliers online
Raise Sales Orders – OnlineRaise Sales orders in favour of the suppliers online (in case request has been received offline by online clients)
Accept Online Purchase OrdersAccept the POs to freeze the contract and proceed with delivery
Accept Online Sales OrdersAccept the SOs to enable the supplier to proceed with delivery
Digitize Offline Transactionsdigitize the offline PO/ SO or other documents to have complete overview of the business/ manage your business
Manual order creation/ Invoice generationFor Offline customers, create orders/ generate invoices/ delivery challans from the system and share with your clients offline.
Shipping LabelsGenerate shipping labels for packages
Point of SaleAccess POS (point of sale) for retail sales on touch devices or other devices
Delivery NoteGenerate Delivery note for the supplies to your buyer
Invoice GenerationGenerate Invoices for the sale
Management of Taxes on goodsManage taxes, including input credit, on goods sold by you
Own Fleet ManagementManage your own fleet that you may have for office or delivery purpose
Manage Delivery PersonnelManage Delivery personnel deployed for delivery of goods
Define Shipment RulesDefine shipping rules for consignments

Product Management

Set-up ProductsSet-up products with attributes which may be accessed by your customers
Manage Product VariantsDefine variants of your products
Define MoQDefine minimum order quantity for a order to be placed for a product
Pricing RulesDefine pricing rule. Applicable to a distribution chain with heirarchy
Lots/ Serial Numbersdefine lot/serial numbers
Packagesdefine packeges in terms of quantity or units or other product attributes required for shipment

Warehouse Management

Set-up warehousesSet-up warehouses that your company manages
Set-up locationsSet-up locatoins of operations
Define operation typesDefine operating types like receipts, internal transfers, manufactured products etc
Define Putaway RulesUsing this Putaway creation window, you can create new put away rules to automatically dispatch specific products to their respective destination location upon receptions.
Define DocksCreate Docks for multi-step receipt/ delivery of goods
Dynamic Routingcreate routing rules for movement of material between different stages of manufacturing or delivery
Define Cycle Count RulesDefine Cycle count rules for physical counting of goods and matching with the system count for performance of the inventory.

Inventory Management

Bill of Material Management (BoM)Manage Bill of Material for manufacturing with preferred supplier details
Bar Coded InventoryManage Inventory using bar coder
MoQ Management/ ReplenishmentManage MoQ and Replenishment rules
Material ReceiptsReceive material from suppliers
Material DispatchesDespatch materials to buyers
Inventory AdjustmentsAdjust inventory for discrepancy (if found in cyce counts)
Return RequestsGenerate return request for material received
Inventory TransfersTransfer inventory among warehouses/ branches
Cycle CountsRecord cycle counts for inventory performance measurement
ScrapRecord scrap and disposal
Demand Planning
Stock Demand EstimatesOverview of Demand Estimates
Create Stock Demand EstimatesPrepare stock demand stock estimates required for manufacturing
Cycle Count AccuracyKnow cycle count accuracy over a period
Inventory ReportInventory Report of different parameters
Forecasted InventoryReport on Forecasted inventory
Inventory ValuationInventory valuation based on LIFO/ FIFO
Product MovesFind out product moves

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing OrdersYou can create Manufacturing Orders in two ways – you can create Manufacturing Orders by following the default stages arranged in Zex to complete the production or by creating a Manufacturing Orders after customizing the Work Center and Operations to perform the production processes.
Work OrdersWork orders are displayed with the list of operations along with the Bill of Material, Step, Work Center, Duration Computation, Duration Minutes and name of the Company is displayed.
Unbuild OrdersManage unbuilding the orders. The unbuild orders can be viewed and managed by selecting the Unbuild Orders option. The list of unbuilt orders along with the details such as Reference, name of the Product, Bill of Material, Manufacturing Order, Lot/ Serial Number, Quantity of the product, Unit of Measure, name of the Company and the Status of the order is displayed. Unbuilt orders can be grouped and displayed on the basis of Product and Manufacturing Order.
ScrapScrap management is a very simple but eminently useful feature ZeX. When it is discovered in the company stockroom, items that are unusable because of expiry or for some other reason which can’t sell or store these items, you need to scrap that. You can create one or more scrap locations for scrap Products In Odoo Inventory.
Planning by ProductionThe work orders of the manufacturing company should be planned in order to run the work smoothly. Wastage of time and clashes of work can be avoided by planning the work order in advance. The planning by production helps to make the schedules of the work order in a systematic manner.
Planning by WorkcenterJust like monitoring the work orders based on the production, you need to monitor the work orders of the work centers. In cases where two work orders are scheduled for the same time in a single work center, it helps to schedule the work one after the other.
Master Production Schedule (MPS)It is also equally important to plan future actions based on the demands while planning the work orders. The master production schedule helps in reporting the activities through forecasting. It helps in adjusting the manufacturing processes and orders by knowing the market demands and in calculating the quantity of the products that need to be manufactured in a particular period, in order to meet the demands of the market at the particular time.
Manufacturing OrdersStatus of manufacturing orders
Work OrdersStatus of work orders
Equipment EffectivenessEffectiveness of equipment with downtime estimates
BoM Current Stock ExplosionShowing each component of BoM with costing and predictions
Set-up Work CentersSetting up work centers for performing specific operations and sequencing
Set-up OperationsSet-up operations that is to be performed at a work center
Bill of MaterialsSetting -up bill of material required for manufacturing a product
Maintenance RequestsMaintenance request raised by manufacturing team
Maintenance CalendarGenerating a maintenance calender for machines
EquipmentsListing equipments that are used for manufacturing
Maintenance TeamsDefining Maintenance team for different machines/ equipment
Equipment CategoriesDefining categories of equipment

Quality Management

OverviewOverview of Quality Teams, quality Alerts and Checks in Progress
Quality Control
Control PointsSet-up quality control points that may relate to frequency, type of quality checks, which team will do the quality check etc.
Quality ChecksPerforming quality check on manufactured lots
Quality AlertsCreating tolerance limits for quality checks control points
Quality ChecksReport on quality checks performed
Quality AlertsReport on quality check alerts and deviations
Quality TeamsCreating Quality teams and hierarchy to perform quality checks.

Financial Management

Transaction based automated accountingAccount books are updated based on transactions carried by you or your partners
Performance DashboardDashboard showcasing the financial performance like Income/ Expenditure, Aged receivables, suppliers and buyers, aged payables, bank/cash balances etc
Quick Access DashboardQuick access dashboard not only gives an overview of certain opertions but allow direct access to these functions
Generate Invoicescheck
Raise Credit Notescheck
Consolidated Invoicescheck
Record Paymentscheck
Issue Debit Orderscheck
Define Banking Mandatescheck
Follow-up Reportscheck
Customer Contractscheck
Manually invoice Sales Contractscheck
Generate Billscheck
Generate Refundscheck
Make Paymentscheck
Define Payment Orderscheck
Approve Employee Expensescheck
Define Bank Payment Linescheck
Supplier Contractcheck
Manually Invoice Purchase Contractscheck
Journal Entriescheck
Journals-Sales/ Purchase/ Bank and Cash/ Misccheck
Ledgers – General Ledger/ Partner Ledgercheck
Management – Budgetss/ Assetscheck
Generate Asset Entriescheck
Define cut-offs – Accrued Revenues/ Accrued Expenses/ Prepaid Expenses/ Prepaid Revenuescheck
Manage Asset Entriescheck
Financial Reports – Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet/ Cash Flow Statementcheck
Daily Reports – Bank Book/ Cash Book/ Day Bookcheck
Aged Partner Balancecheck
Partner Reports – Partner Ledger/ Aged Partner Balance/ Aged Receivables/ Aged Payablescheck
Audit Reports – General Ledger/ Tax Report/ Journals Audit/ Trial Balancecheck
Analysis – Invoice/ Product/ Budget/ Assetscheck
Define your Rules (Settings)
Invoicing – Payment terms/ Incotermscheck
Contracts – Templates/ Contract Tag/ Termination reasonscheck
Banks – Bank Accounts/ Reconcilliation Modelscheck
Accounts – Chart of Accounts/ Taxes/ Journals/ Currencies/ Fiscal positions/ Journal Groups/ Account Reports/ Account Groups/ Cut-off Account Mappingcheck
Payments – Payment Acquirers/ Recurring Templatescheck
Management – Follow-up levels/ Product Categories/ Budgetary Positions/ Asset Types/ Payment Modes/ Payment Methods/ Analytic Items/ Analytic Accounting/ Financial Reportscheck


Employees Managementcheck
Define Job Positionscheck
Define Departmentscheck
Process Job Applicationscheck
Time Offscheck
Time Sheetscheck
Leave Managementcheck
Stock Requestscheck
Employee Expensescheck


My Pipelinecheck
My Activitiescheck
My Quotationscheck
Activity Type Configurationcheck
Lost Reasonscheck


Intra company connunications/ discussion boardcheck
Communication with other Businessescheck
In-transaction Communicationcheck
Notes (Meeting Minutes/ Notes/ To-Do list)check
Event Managementcheck