Zumbido Limited

Smart Networking

Zumbido Express creates a complete Source-to-Pay network through Smart Networking Software solution. It unifies all functions of an organization (vertical integration) and establishes connections with business partners and other enterprises (horizontal integration) that leads to global digital network transformation and drive business value to the enterprise


Industry 1.0 till Industry 3.0 lacked the networking of business units and were confined to use of technology within the enterprises. Achieving organizational efficiency without efficiency in the business ecosystem neither helps in achieving organizational goals and nor benefits the society as a whole.

The Smart Networking SaaS product, Zumbido Express, will enable Small and Medium Enterprises, though ably suitable for large enterprises, to create an intelligent business network with digitized processes. It creates a smart and intelligent business ecosystem which minimizes paper trail. It integrates IoT devices and uses AI and Machine Learning (ML) enabling complete visibility, collaboration and smart decisions making to manage disruption before they occur.

Zumbido considers consumers as an integral part of the Smart Network. Its they who define what should be manufactured and what not and how quickly it should be delivered to them. The social media-based platform is not just for inclusion of consumers for getting socially connected with their network but also for purchase goods of their preference and indicate their preference to manufacturers and service providers. The platform differentiates in many ways from concurrent solutions and intends to change the way consumers shop.


Unified, AI-Powered Smart Networking Platform

Zumbido Express integrates all stakeholders on a single platform. All possible businesses onboard the platform and transact digitally including their logistics/ transportation partners. The Zumbido Express enables E2E transactions, right from the first supplier (may be multiple suppliers/ processing units and suppliers of suppliers) to the last customer of a product (or customer of customers). The ability to provide visibility in the whole supply chain (E2E) and not limiting to the logistics visibility, enables businesses plan production and distribution, avoid stocking and align with the demand and market perception.

Entrepreneurial Networking

Zumbido Express introduces its unique networking function to bring Industry with its prospecting channel partners close to each other. The AI driven function perfectly matches the requirement of the industry with the proposal of entrepreneurs either against the request of industry or from the pool of prospecting entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs will also be able to plan to set up their manufacturing infrastructure through AI driven rendering to get the right machines and tools and build a robust supply chain.


Digital Global Market Place (Global Mart)

A lot of focus is being placed on Supply Chain Management but Zumbido Express breaks the blocks. The enterprises create a global marketplace by themselves. Zumbido Express will enable them to build their suppliers network, that is not only cost efficient but also, time efficient directly impacting the inventory and cost of goods produced. It will also induce developing an efficient distribution network and develop new partners in geographies where the products are not served and thus reducing loss of any business opportunity.