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Sponsorship & Corporate

Sponsorship Subscription/Corporate

Sponsorship Subscription is a distinct offering to provide solution to emerging e-Commerce organizations and organizations setting up a distribution/ service network and implement a strong IT backbone from the first day. Zumbido Express works like their own IT solution. The cost of solution is reduced to 40% - 60% of the Basic Solo Retail Subscription Plan per organization and is dependent on volume of transactions within the network. The subscription is aligned to the increase in volume of transactions.

  • The Sponsor (e-Commerce company) bears the cost of usage by the network.
  • The usage by distribution chain comes with a rider and limited organization functions.

What happens to the onboarding sponsored members?

  • The Sponsored members can transact within the sponsor network only;
  • The Sponsored members can opt for independent subscription if they want to transact outside the sponsor network;
  • If a sponsored member opts for independent subscription, the billing to the Sponsor is stopped and pro-rata refund is credited to its account;
  • The network of sponsor is retained as it is (i.e., there is no change in mapping within the network).
Add-On Usage (Annual) # Subscription (US$) Add-On Usage (Annual) Subscription (US$)
Additional User 299 Per Users Additional Visibility 2,999
Additional Locations 999 Additional Delivery/Sales 199

# Taxes as applicable