Zumbido Limited


“Visibility” eludes businesses ever since the first industrial revolution and continues even in the existing ecosystem that makes it difficult for even the best equipped businesses in keeping the operations smooth and under control. Transforming supply chain operations of an enterprise with visibility and execution that helps enterprises get complete end-to-end visibility throughout the supply chain ecosystem, enabling clarity, control and execution of entire operation.

Inventory And Warehouse Management

Enterprises gain complete real-time access across all inventory and warehouse locations that provides inventory summaries, stock visibility and status updates. The Zumbido Express PWA rendering allows for updates from warehouse locations from any smartphone or tablets, which can be integrated into native ERP.

Visibility enables enterprises to take advantage of multi-tier collaboration with suppliers and contract manufacturers by sharing near and long-term demand forecasts, provide early insights for effective capacity planning and commits while allowing suppliers to share their upside commits. Help automate decision-making and plan for upside-demand swings — and collaborate on near-term forecasts at a granular level. It may be entire PO lifecycle – discrete POs and the blanket order process. It may be capacity collaboration – planned shutdowns or seasonal maintenance cycles being effected or other issues, such as surge requirements and overtime issues before plant delays make a negative impact on the supply chain.


Logistics Visibility

Enterprises get real-time visibility of raw materials, components and finished goods in transport, integrated with invoicing. Embedded telematics will provide rich, intelligent information combined with IoT device support for packages and containers that will provide alerts for immediate resolution of issues.

Command Center

Zumbido Express ensures teams of an enterprise always have real-time visibility across all operations with Command Center’s predictive alerting, status tracking and recommended actions. The central dashboard provides an end-to-end view of all workflows, reinforcing control and helping determine the business impact of deviations and allows for collaborative issue resolution.