Zumbido Limited

Business Connectivity is key to growth and profitability

Nearly every industry today – from manufacturing to services – relies on technical systems for its functioning. In most cases, multiple aspects of a single business or supply chain are dependent on different types of devices and software. In the ordinary industrial landscape, managing multiple technical components and processes can be a herculean task. The shift in technology is characterized by the digitization and integration of smart technology in processes and businesses.

Business Connectivity - Digital Supply Network (DSN)


Next Generation Technologies

Zumbido Express has been developed around an open, system-agnostic approach using cognitive computing technologies, AI algorithm and machine learning. It uses the latest software development technology that makes the solution agile, highly stable, flexible, scalable and ensures data security Technology advancement is core to digitization and Industry 4.0, whether it is use of sensors, robotics, IoT/ IIOT devices or development of flexible and scalable software solutions to manage processes.
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