Zumbido PartnerUp

Let your customers leapfrog to next gen Multienterprise Collaboration Network ERP Software

At Zumbido we enable our customers to be part of MCN, through an extensive 360° ERP Partner community

If you want to be an an expert in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software industry leading to Multienterprise Collaboration Networks and want opportunities to profitably grow your business and extend that knowledge and experience to more clients, consider joining the Zumbido PartnerUP Program, and join our community of ERP Partners.

We’re looking for Partners who share our passion for helping manufacturers, distributors and Logistics companies simplify their complex operations through modern ERP software. Partners who care about helping their customers realize significant and lasting gains in efficiency and revenue.

Be an ERP and MCN leader in partnership with Zumbido

Enabling your business growth by enhancing your knowledge and capabilities with:

The Right Product

ERP for Manufacturing and Distribution. Customizable to business specific needs.

MCN ERP Expertise

Detailed understanding of business processes across enterprises supported by industry experts and global leaders


Our IDEAL implementation methodology simplifies the complexity of ERP.

Customer Centricity

Placing the customer’s business needs at the forefront of our ERP offering

PartnerUP benefits

To set partners up for success, Zumbido offers a robust onboarding process and ongoing support to help our partners achieve sustainable business growth.


ERP Education
Dedicated Partner Management
Joint Marketing
IDEAL Implementation Methodology
Sales Management


Sales Support
Software Support
Zumbido Licensed Product Access
Best in class Customer Retention
Deal Registration
Customer References

Get Rewarded

Partner Earnings
Targeted Incentives
Services Revenue
Global Awards
Industry Leading Earnings