Zumbido 360° Industry ERP Software

Constructed to excel in manufacturing, distribution and logistics

Designed to the specific requirements of your industry for a distinct competitive advantage

Our software aligned to your industry enables you to leverage our team of specialists who are familiar with your business, communicate in your language, and are committed to ensuring your success. The focus on your industry facilitates swift implementation, leading to a quicker return-on-investment. By selecting Zumbido Express, you’re entrusting your company’s future to industry solutions experts who can reliably deliver the outcomes you seek.

The Zumbido 360° addresses your industry challenges

Zumbido 360ERP software enables you to overcome the challenges of the industry you are operating in. The challenges may relate to products, raw material, production, quality control, inventory, multiple warehouses, connecting with supply chain, controlling cost and everything that affects profitability of your business and keeps you competitive.

  • Achieving maximum profitability in a highly competitive market requires a precise understanding of your costs. In industries with high capital intensity, low profit margins, short product lifecycles, and significant research and development expenses, it is crucial to closely monitor, control costs and margins, and minimize waste across all facets of the business to sustain profitability.
  • Zumbido Express facilitates continuous improvement by providing visibility into costs and profits throughout the organization, aiding in the prompt identification of issues. This encompasses disparities between projected and actual raw material and production costs, delays in supplier deliveries, obsolete or slow-moving inventories, and instances of product defects and scrap.
  • Optimize the processes of purchase orders, general ledger, cash, and asset management.
  • Enhance insight into purchasing and supplier trends through integrated business intelligence reporting.
  • Conduct Value Stream Analysis efficiently.
  • Effortlessly handle multiple currencies and sites.
  • Streamline the planning and scheduling process for optimal capacity utilization.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks by providing a real-time overview of each stage in the production process.
  • Effectively handle Work in Process: take command of scrap, yield, and rework metrics.
  • Identify more efficient production sequencing based on product characteristics.
  • Prioritize inventory allocation to orders using a first-expire-first-out (FEFO) approach to minimize waste.
  • Automate the tracking of variances and defects.
Decrease lead times to facilitate quicker deliveries.
  • Sustaining competitiveness hinges on continuous innovation, with ongoing research and development being essential in crafting superior products. The capability to create new products, enhance existing designs, and expedite time-to-market is pivotal for maintaining both competitiveness and profitability.
  • Zumbido Express's Bill of Materials, Work-in-Progress, and Factory Documentation modules empower you to establish controls, ensuring the consistent manufacturing of products according to precise processes, designs, and specifications. The system accommodates various bill structures, including single-level, multi-level, co and by-product bills, with flexible definitions that adapt to intricate component and sub-assembly needs.
  • Seamlessly manage the cost and receipt of multiple products with varying grades from jobs initially designed for single-grade items using Zumbido Express's co-products and manufacturing inspection features.
  • The growing utilization of common components in numerous products can lead to recalls spanning multiple manufacturers, with some issues only surfacing after the products have reached the mass market.
  • Ensuring traceability is particularly challenging due to potential problems at any stage in the supply chain, from R&D and materials handling to assembly and shipping. Inefficient or delayed processes can incur significant costs and pose serious risks.
  • Zumbido Express Traceability provides comprehensive visibility across the value chain, ensuring quality and ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements. It enables the tracking, identification, isolation, reporting, quarantine, and prompt placement of affected products on hold, minimizing disruptions.
  • Utilize sophisticated forecasting and planning techniques to align supply with demand more effectively.
  • Guarantee the availability of appropriate raw materials for each project through advanced Material Requirements Planning (MRP).
  • Simplify procurement processes by adopting Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for seamless trading with partners and value-added networks.
  • Monitor quality status, lot numbers, expiration dates, and various units of measure.
  • Enhance transparency into warehouse operations, spanning from goods receipt to outbound shipping.
  • Leverage data to analyze production costs and ascertain requirements for each formula and component.
  • Zumbido Express equips you with the necessary tools to enhance your inventory management while maintaining excellent customer service. It empowers you to efficiently plan and oversee diverse product lines across single or multi-warehouse settings, allowing the establishment of warehouses and bin locations to represent both physical and virtual stock positions.
  • Whether your warehouse operations rely on straightforward manual methods or advanced automated processes like bar-coding and mobile devices, Zumbido Express Inventory and Warehouse Management (WMS) systems support you in optimizing activities such as pick, putaway, and cycle counts.
  • Regardless of whether you handle items by unit, weight, volume, pack, or container size, Zumbido Express's capability to accommodate multiple units of measure per stock item provides the flexibility needed to accurately record and monitor stock quantities.
  • Ensuring the alignment of supply with customer demand is crucial for component and material suppliers serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to avoid costly disruptions in assembly plants. This not only entails automating order processing and other supply chain processes but also implementing production plans based on LEAN principles.
  • Efficient electronic collaboration with OEM customers is made possible through features like Workflow Services, Document Flow Manager, EDI, Office Automation and Messaging, and various Business-to-Business import and export functions. This streamlined collaboration reduces response time, minimizes the margin for error, and mitigates penalties associated with disruptions to OEM production lines.
  • Enhance transparency, adherence to regulations, and quality oversight throughout the procurement and supplier selection procedures.
  • Enable suppliers to directly respond to Request for Quote (RFQ) online without changing the platform.
  • Facilitate collaborative decision-making on suppliers and the automatic selection of approved suppliers without using any Supply Chain Portal.
  • Utilize Preferred Suppliers to establish and uphold predefined sourcing policies, streamlining the selection of recommended and pre-approved suppliers during the purchasing cycle.

The Zumbido 360° ERP Software is an enabler to profitability and efficiency

Manufacturing Processes Simplified

Zumbido has continually enhanced its technology in response to customer feedback and industry benchmarks. Our exclusive focus on manufacturing and distribution has provided us with deep insights into the individuals driving businesses and their essential requirements for productivity and success. Zumbido has established enduring customer relationships, making us the preferred choice for those who seek a partner for life. Join us on this journey and be the next customer to champion our exceptional solutions.

Distribution Management Simplified

Zumbido has redefined the way distribution is managed introducing efficiency in the network. Unlike concurrent solutions that connect to immediate distribution partner for digitization of data on your behalf, Zumbido Express does more than connecting to immediate distribution partner and in fact, it connects to the last distribution partner to enable you to find out last mile inventory in the network.

A 360 ERP Software that connects all your partners in the chain of distribution up to last mile inventory.

Logistics and Warehousing Simplified

Zumbido has continually enhanced its technology in response to customers expectation and difficulties faced in operating the business. Our exclusive focus on integration of transportation function (shipping) with manufacturing and distribution functions has provided us with deep insights into functions driving businesses and their essential requirements for profitability and success. Zumbido has achieved a breakthrough in offering integrated business functions and eliminating the need of multiple softwares to have a comprehensive view and cost estimation of operations to achieve its profitability and customer satisfaction.