Zumbido Express

An ERP Software committed to growth of its customers through 360 view of business and single click Multienterprise Collaboration Network (MCN).

360° ERP for the Business

Your ERP should deliver what your business needs and should scale as your business grows and expands. The ERP should not become a burden but should serve as a smart assistant flexible enough to accommodate your business requirements. No matter in which business you are or how elaborate business processes you follow, your ERP should be able to replicate it. The ERP should even go a step further to make corrections in the business processes and streamline them. It should fill the gaps to induce better management of business.

Zumbido Express – 360 ERP Software is one such ERP that you love to play with. It has been developed on the premise that once it has been adopted it matches every step that you take in your business to grow and expand. It’s modular nature enables to control your IT cost and raise it in line with your business. It’s features and ease of use is second to none, even compared to those who transformed the digitization process.

Feature-rich Business Functions

Zumbido Express – 360 ERP Software – streamlines functioning of an organization through standardized procedures. It also enables tracking of costs and revenues per product across locations and monitors production process to maximize the utilization of raw materials. The solution facilitates quality checks at every stage of the production process. Organizations can identify loss-making products, improve the quality of budgeting decisions and ensure the realization of returns on investment.

360  approach of Zumbido Express cuts down navigation through different modules/ function in the software solution to either gain control of the business transactions or complete end-2-end tasks. If you are new to ERP Softwares, you require little training on Zumbido Express to have control over business or If you have been using some ERP equivalent, you are ready to use with the word GO.


  • Configurable dashboards
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Purchase Dashboards
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Manufacturing Dashboard
  • Accounting Dashboard


  • Define Products/ By-products/ Variant
  • Define Engineering Parts
  • Define Packaging/ Lot/Serial Nos
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Define Minimum Order Quantity
  • Define Packages
  • Calculate cost of the product
  • Standard, landed, weighted
  • BoM Explosion


  • Automate Procurement Workflow
  • Manage Purchase Orders and Vendors Effortlessly
  • Create Purchase Agreements and Service Profiles
  • Create and manage multi-step Purchase Approvals
  • Manage Vendor Price Lists
  • Accurate reporting on your purchases


  • Quotations/Proforma invoices
  • Shipments and sales invoice
  • Pricing Negotiations
  • Customer level product pricing
  • Multiple Level product pricing
  • Cost of production-based product pricing
  • Partial or full delivery of ordered goods
  • Sales Forecast
  • Manage Sales Teams
  • Manage Shipping Methods
  • Sales cycle management


  • Shop floor management
  • Production Plans
  • Calculate shop floor efficiency
  • Min-Max inventory planning
  • Job Planning for Order
  • Planned Purchase orders
  • Bill of Materials
  • BoM Current Stock Explosion
  • Unbuild Orders
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Analysis of Maintenance
  • Equipment Effectiveness
  • Lot Traceability and Tracking


  • User defined specifications
  • Quality control on goods inwards note
  • Certificate of analysis, batch manufacturing report
  • Audit and compliance management
  • Multi-point quality checks


  • Receipt of Goods with automated accounting
  • Stock requisition and issue
  • Stock Adjustment and transfers
  • Return Requests
  • MoQ and Replenishment
  • Cycle Counts and Accuracy
  • Stock Demand Estimates
  • Inventory Valuations
  • Manage Scrap
  • Multi-warehouse with cross docking
  • Automated replenishment
  • Put-away and removal strategies
  • Integrated with inventory and accounting


  • Automated Accounting
  • Fixed Assets and Budgeting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Vendor and Customer Management
  • e-Invoicing and GST
  • Advanced query based Reporting
  • Dynamic Final Reports
  • Vendor Price Analysis
  • Managing cut-offs
  • Journal and Ledgers
  • Fully configurable to customer requirements
  • Multi-currency and Charts of accounts
  • Integrated to Sales and Purchase
  • Invoice and Product Margin Analysis


  • Employee Management
  • Recruitment to separation
  • Payroll processing
  • Employee finances and expenses
  • Stock Requests and approvals
  • Leave Management
  • Time off and Time Sheets
  • Integration to IoT devices


  • Complete lead to conversion management
  • Daily worksheet management
  • Integrated to Sales and manufacturing
  • Integration of email to lead conversion
  • Teams and multi-level monitoring
  • Discussions and intra-organization communication
  • Notes and minutes
  • Event Management


  • Transaction level Document Management
  • Complete Audit Trail for each transaction
  • Upload/ Download/ share documents
  • Easy access to documents

360° ERP for the Ecosystem

In real world, your business operates in an ecosystem and not in isolation then why should your ERP be? Why should your ERP rely on APIs to connect with your vendors and suppliers, which increase cost of your IT infrastructure, or you are asked to record data in specific portal (Customer Vendor Portal) of your customer or vendor in addition to your own IT solution, which increase your digitization workload manifold and rendering your operations error prone.

Zumbido Express has unique architecture which thrives on the belief that data that enters in the ecosystem should not be recorded again and should be available in real-time. Zumbido does not believe in pseudo connectivity to the advantage of other business partner, misconceived visibility and collaboration that exist only in spreadsheets. Zumbido Express enables you to build network of your business partners without increasing your IT infrastructure cost and increasing your digitization workload.

Multienterprise Collaboration Network

When the world is moving to Multienterprise Collaboration Network, why should your business be stuck with legacy ERPs and keep on investing on multiple portals and Digital Data Exchange (DDE) solutions to connect with your business partners?

Multienterprise Collaborative Network will be the future and it’s better that you adopt is today and be ahead of your competitions. Zumbido Express architecture has been designed in such way that it enables connection with your business partners in a single click, without toggling different portals and the data that enters once in the ecosystem is never digitized again.