Zumbido Express – a true Multienterprise Collaboration 360° ERP Software

Zumbido Express is the first and the only software that offers inbuilt Multienterprise Collaboration Network

Enterprise-to-Enterprise Connectivity brings source to last mile enterprise visibility

End-to-End Connectivity brings Collaboration and Visibility

Zumbido Express offers 360° Cloud ERP

It’s a first of its kind offering in the world. When you onboard, you get a virtual ERP hosted on most secured cloud servers to manage all your business functions. The access to full featured ERP does away with need of managing multiple softwares and data duplication in each of them to manage business functions, right from managing your customers, human resources, financial transactions to order processing and inventory.

Single point Data Entry – true Multienterprise Collaboration Solution

Why should you manage data for other organizations? Zumbido Express empowers subscribing organizations to own their data and manage themselves. Other subscribing organizations simply use your data to complete transactions with you. Thus, all your partners need not duplicate and manage your data separately to keep record of transactions that they carry out with you. No worries of incorrect or inconsistent data.

Automated and Integrated Business Transaction

Automated and Integrated business transactions relieve you from sending documents through different modes and seeking confirmation. It’s done in real time with minimal effort in communicating and updating records.

Inter-Organization Communication and Documentation

The Inter-Organization Communication trail and In-Transaction Communication and documentation organizes all communications and documents logically in one place so it can be retrieved at ease whenever required. Why stress to check through several applications for a critical issue when all communications and documents related to a transaction are in one place and easily retrievable.

Zumbido Express creates true multienterprise networks

Supply Chain Network

A quantum leap from the currently available software solutions that assist in managing the supply chain, though in a disconnected manner. Zumbido Express does it in an integrated manner digitally, without any need of frequent digitization of actions performed by other partners in the supply chain.

Distribution Network

If you are into distribution of goods, there cannot be a better alternative to Zumbido Express. No need to provide user ids and incur additional costs. Simply map the customers as part of your distribution chain, define hierarchy, apply product handling rules, define pricing rules and other requirements and transact and manage the distribution digitally.

Service Repair Network

If you are trading in serviceable product of (own manufacturing or outsourced), manage your service network – owned or franchised or outsourced – linked to your sales. The integrated service and repair function of Zumbido Express assists you in evaluating the product performance and pinpointing fault rate of components enabling you to make improvement in the product.


Transportation Network

Transportation is integral part of any supply-chain management. The subscribing transportation (logistics) companies ease out the supply chain worried and tracking separately. Having transportation network on the same platform reduces communication and paper trail.


Finalizing negotiations cannot be simpler than when you do it on Zumbido Express. Requesting for quotes and negotiating without any paper trail is stress-free. After you finalize your negotiations with subscribing organizations, convert them into Purchase Orders.


B2B Marketplace

You get access to other subscribing organizations to transact with. These organizations may be your buyers, or you may seek supply from them for manufacturing or for trading in your distribution network. It’s a secured B2B network access assisting your process driven organization. management

Multi-tier Suppliers chain enterprises are connected seamlessly at no additional cost

ZeX does not limit the businesses to mapping of their suppliers’ chain (inbound). It enables them to map suppliers of components and raw material. Integration of logistics in the supply chain enables them to transact smoothly.

The mapping of suppliers and logistics will enable the businesses to analyze the cost and efficiency impact on manufacturing/ production/ trading and take strategic decisions on finding efficient suppliers.

Multi-tier Distribution chain enterprises are connected seamlessly at no additional cost

The business units map their own distribution ecosystem, which is of their own, and the distribution chain members are independent to be part of distribution chain of other business units.

By mapping its distribution chain, the business unit can see through the underlying inventory of different products (visibility in supply chain). The visibility enables the business units to evaluate efficiency of any thread and take decisions on redistribution of the products within the chain.