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Zumbido 360° Business Software Solutions

The crucial factor for success in any business, regardless of its size, lies in the people involved. Dedication, creativity, and ideas are brought by individuals, and when they flourish, the business thrives as well. This is why Zumbido 360 business software places a strong emphasis on facilitating success through an exceptional user experience. It goes beyond mere ease of use; Zumbido’s 360 ERP solution enables customers to take significant strides, whether it involves expanding into new territories, introducing new product lines, revamping business processes, or fostering innovation. Through our ERP software, customers gain access to solutions, processes, and tools that aid in managing data for key business insights and informed decision-making.

Modular 360° ERP Software for your Industry

Zumbido excels by concentrating on enabling manufacturers and distributors through our specialized, industry-centric technological approach. Prioritizing the distinct requirements of each customer, we operate as trusted advisors dedicated to the success of both our customers and partners. Our objective is to thrive collectively, fostering enduring and fulfilling relationships. Explore the comprehensive solution from various perspectives.

Business Management

Our specialized software tailored to your industry enables you to leverage the expertise of our team of specialists. They understand your business intimately, communicate in your language, and are committed to ensuring your success.

Multienterprise Collaboration

When humans can’t live without being connected, why should your ERP Software operate in isolation. We understand that connectivity will induce ecosystem efficiency and bring down your cost of operations.

Business Functions

A comprehensive 360° ERP software suitable for every business function, providing configurable solutions to enhance overall business performance and productivity.

Business Processes

Zumbido 360° ERP software serves as a comprehensive business process management system, enhancing automation to boost efficiency, address bottlenecks, enhance reliability, and elevate customer service standards.

Manufacturing Types

Regardless of whether you work in a process-oriented, discrete, mixed-mode, or any other setting, Zumbido 360° ERP software accommodates your requirements. The manufacturing business models are designed to be configured and align with your unique manufacturing processes.

Business Management

Achieve significant ROI across your manufacturing and distribution operations

Our software tailored to your industry empowers you to leverage the expertise of our global team of specialists who not only understand your business as intimately as you do but also communicate in your language. They are deeply invested in ensuring your success. By concentrating on industry-specific solutions, our approach accelerates implementation, leading to a quicker return on investment. Opting for Zumbido means entrusting your company’s future to seasoned industry solutions experts who can deliver the precise results your business requires.

Business Growth Management

When assessing a new business venture or restructuring business units within a larger corporation, it's crucial to consider the role of your ERP system. Recognizing the significance of implementing a successful growth management strategy is key in ensuring the success and adaptability of your business.

Business Performance Management

The success of your business is becoming more reliant on strategic planning and management. However, organizations often face a challenge in aligning overarching strategic elements with operational areas, key performance indicators (KPIs), and measures aimed at enhancing business performance.

Cost Control

Zumbido can play a pivotal role in substantially reducing costs across your operations. Whether it's in sales, research and development, inventory, warehouse, or customer management, Zumbido empowers your team to enhance profitability and expand your business beyond previously envisioned possibilities.

Digital Transformation

When assessing a new business venture or restructuring business units within a larger corporation, it's crucial to consider the role of your ERP system. Recognizing the significance of implementing a successful growth management strategy is key in ensuring the success and adaptability of your business.

Distribution Management

Explore how Zumbido 360° ERP software can assist in realizing substantial efficiencies within your wholesale distribution operations. This software not only streamlines your processes but also provides essential insights, helping minimize risks and foster business growth.

Financial Management

Zumbido 360° ERP software provides essential core financial and accounting functionalities. With integrated manufacturing and operational capabilities, choosing Zumbido ensures you have a comprehensive, real-time 360-degree view of the factors impacting your company's financial health.

Inventory Optimization

As your business expands in complexity, supporting multiple sales channels or global locations, accurate forecasting and planning become increasingly challenging and, more importantly, mission-critical for driving profits. If you currently rely on manual processes and guesswork to determine what inventory to carry and in what quantities, there is a more effective approach.

Manufacturing Management

Effective manufacturing management software should provide visibility and control over events throughout your entire business process chain, spanning from suppliers to production processes, through delivery, and to customer service. To optimize efficiency and speed, your management software should also seamlessly connect and share data with other systems within your production environment.

Process Improvement

Business process management (BPM) is a crucial component of any continuous improvement program, whether it involves Six Sigma, Kaizen, Lean manufacturing, Total Quality Management (TQM), and/or operational equipment effectiveness (OEE). By embracing greater automation, you can enhance efficiency, effectively manage bottlenecks, and improve overall reliability.

Supply Chain Optimization

Whether managing a single factory or a multinational network, achieving maximum profit requires the seamless operation of every component in your supply chain. Procurement and supplier relationships play an increasingly crucial role in ensuring peak efficiency.


For those operating in highly regulated industries, the importance of having a robust traceability system and a well-defined crisis management plan is well-understood in the contemporary manufacturing and distribution landscape.

Business Processes

Model and automate your business processes

What if your business could operate at a faster pace, with enhanced accuracy and efficiency while utilizing fewer resources. Zumbido 360° enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers a structured perspective of your company’s processes, systems, data, and workforce, allowing you to pinpoint areas for improved efficiency. This becomes particularly crucial when managing increased complexity and growth. The integration of business process management (BPM) with ERP provides a significant advantage, as changes can be modeled, implemented, and validated within a single system and dataset. Contact us to discover how Zumbido 360° ERP can assist you in modeling and automating your business processes.

Inventory Management

Manufacturers are aware that enhancing profitability and optimizing working capital can be achieved through improved inventory management. However, many are uncertain about the starting point or where potential savings can be identified. They grapple with an ongoing balancing act, aiming to maintain sufficient inventory to promptly meet customer demand, minimize transportation expenses, and simultaneously reduce investment in inventory to mitigate warehousing and storage costs.

Order Management

Order Management Systems (OMS) are purpose-built to streamline a crucial aspect of the sales process—order management and fulfillment—for manufacturers and distributors. By integrating a robust order management system into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, you can enhance productivity and deliver much more effective customer service.

Planning and Scheduling

Effective planning and scheduling in manufacturing should align with diverse production modes, taking into account available resources, tools, equipment, necessary maintenance, and quality considerations. It involves creating and maintaining optimal schedules to ensure timely completion of work while maximizing the utilization of available resources.

Production Management

Zumbido 360° ERP offers a comprehensive and integrated set of tools designed to aid in planning, executing, recording, tracking, and controlling production output. Its exceptional flexibility ensures visibility across the entire production supply chain, extending from suppliers and the production process to customers. Additionally, it has the capability to seamlessly integrate with other systems within the production environment.

Procurement Management

In the realm of supply chain leadership, strategic procurement and sourcing optimization are pivotal in addressing immediate risks and planning for future challenges. Zumbido 360° ERP's integrated and digitalized procurement solutions are built-in, making strategic sourcing and supplier management more resilient and responsive.

Supply Chain Management

Zumbido 360° ERP comes equipped with built-in capabilities that empower the creation of a genuinely agile supply chain, fostering end-to-end visibility and collaboration across the entire ecosystem. Tailored for manufacturing and distribution companies, this robust single-source solution facilitates seamless information exchange between a company, its suppliers, and customers. This streamlined communication process drives actionable insights, minimizes document handling, reduces errors, and expedites order fulfillment.

Warehouse Management

Discover the Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) from Zumbido and witness the modernization of your inventory and order-fulfillment operations, resulting in substantial improvements in accuracy, productivity, and efficiency. Zumbido 360° ERP guarantees that goods and materials are strategically located, delivered to the shop floor just-in-time (JIT) based on demand, stored in compliance with regulations, and accurately picked for dispatch to the customer.

Business Functions

360° solutions for improved business performance and productivity

The decision to invest in business solutions software typically involves a diverse group of individuals, each with their own agendas, priorities, experiences, and skills. Additionally, various stakeholders within your organization experience the challenges of inadequate or inflexible technology in distinct ways.

Regardless of your role in the selection of new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, it’s crucial to comprehend how to assess the Return on Investment (ROI) in a manner that aligns with your business goals and company strategy.

Improve ROI and reduce friction with a top-tier ERP solution that caters to your business requirements across various functions. Delve into the specific functional areas detailed below to discover how individuals in different roles can address challenges within their departments, ultimately contributing to the overall improvement of business profitability with the assistance of Zumbido 360° ERP software.


Make insight-driven decisions to realize your vision

A comprehensive integrated ERP solution significantly reduces the time required for informed decision-making, facilitating executives in manufacturing or distribution companies to effortlessly gain visibility and control over various aspects of the organization. ERP offers flexibility and enables a unified view of the truth across single or multiple locations, whether they are manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, or sales offices, whether local or global

Finance and Accounting

Embrace digital transformation to increase efficiency

The role of the chief finance function has transformed from a narrowly focused financial perspective to one that provides strategic visionary leadership alongside the CEO. For this new breed of strategic CFO, making sound investments and selecting the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can be a game-changer. It empowers them with a robust tool to gain sharper insights, driving both the company's growth and its bottom-line agenda.

Information Technology

Ensure security and governance by leveraging the latest technology

As the individual tasked with selecting and overseeing technology in your organization, it's essential to ensure that you can extract the maximum value from your IT expenditure and demonstrate this value to the board through enhanced systems and processes. Your chosen technology should actively support the business's growth by introducing improved processes and automation, ultimately enhancing the speed and accuracy of crucial information


Align purchases with demand in a cost-effective way

In contrast to executives or managers overseeing a specific area, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the operations function bear responsibility for all operational aspects, necessitating a perpetual multi-faceted perspective. This domain requires robust technology capabilities that provide rapid adaptability to address evolving circumstances. With the ability to define operational goals, targets, and deadlines at an individual, role, or organizational level, managers can shape behavior that leads to enhanced performance, transforming Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into meaningful improvements

Multienterprise Collaboration

360° solutions connecting first supplier and last mile delivery

ERP Solutions revolutionized business operations and transformed processes but still these ERP lead to Silos business environment. Unfortunately, solution provider did not envision that businesses will require multi-level connectivity and collaboration for an efficient supply chain and cost optimization.

Zumbido while designing the software saw that gap and it’s architecture revolves around the ecosystem rather an enterprise. It is such a powerful solution that it connects multiple tiers of the supply chain without any additional software tool or DDE technologies which result in higher TCO.

Distribution Network

Inventory in the distribution network and shift in consumer perception and demand is critical to production planning and procurement. What if you can see the inventory of your product line and SKUs at different tiers of the distribution chain and the network as a whole, you can cut down on inventory of your product or align production or even optimize your product mix and geography product mix. The lack of information on what is happening in the distribution chain, or the network often results in pile of inventory that at many times are disposed at prices less than the cost of production or procurement.

Suppliers’ Network

The availability of inventory with the supplier of your supplier and his ability to adhere to delivery schedule will in turn affect the delivery schedule of your supplier. Absence of information on the status of inventory availability or production schedule of every member of the suppliers chain creates uncertainty in production and often leads to higher than desired level of inventory of raw materials.

Service and Repair Network

An ideal situation would have been where my sales is linked to my service and repair network on the same software solution and I can compare performance of each product or SKU for each lot of production or procurement and pinpoint the real source of trouble to take proactive steps to rectify those performance issues, I would be to not only retain my customers but also generate repeat sales. Zumbido Zumbido 360° ERP software creates an integrated solution where sales and service are on the same platform and performance matrices are available in realtime. No need to switch between platforms and collate data to arrive at an informed decision about the product and impact on profitability.

Transportation Network

Think of situation where you want to send a few packets of high value product to one of your customers and you end-up either wasting time in search of a cost-effective logistics company or end-up paying higher cost of shipping just because you could not call for bids from transportation companies in realtime and compare them at your defined parameters to select the most effective shipping company. To find out once such shipping company, additional resources may have been deployed by you that only escalates your cost of operation. What if you are able to request quotes from shipping companies in a single click, evaluate their quotes on your defined parameter and select the one that best meets your criteria, your shipment is delivered in time at the lowest possible cost. Explore the power of Zumbido and realize the value that adds to your business operations that no one does.

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