Multienterprise Collaboration Network 360° ERP Software

To connect with Partners in Single Click and connectivity will open doors to infinite business growth.

Zumbido Express - 360° ERP for NxtGen Entrepreneurs

Zumbido Express has been instrumental in assisting manufacturers, distributors and logistics partners such as yourself in revitalizing your business, providing the tools to seize new opportunities, and molding the trajectory of your future.

Our mission revolves around implementing effective strategies to empower manufacturers distributors and logistics partners like you, guiding you towards reaching the next level in your business endeavors. Leveraging our collaborative approach and profound industry knowledge, we expedite the journey to value, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your business and concentrate on achieving growth at the next level.

Experience the distinctive advantages offered by Zumbido

Expand Your Business

Unlock business growth with Zumbido 360° Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

In the world where entrepreneurs such as yours endeavor to influence the future, it is essential to have a ERP Software that comprehends your sector, objectives, and aspirations.

One Click Digitalization

Zumbido facilitates the process of achieving complete digitization, enhancing efficiency across all facets of your operations.

Flexible and Scalable

Effortlessly  your business adapt to changing market and grow without constraints.

Business Control and Efficiencies

Our configurable solution induces business controls and helps you prevent money leaks and bring stability in your revenue streams.

Improved Control of Internal Operations

Zumbido Express provides visibility and connectivity the factory floor, drive operational excellence.

Collaborate with Business Partners

Zumbido enables digital connectivity with business partners in real time and allows collaboration among them without hassles of APIs or separate portals.

360° ERP Software for Executives to take informed decisions

Make Zumbido Express your playbook: The intelligent choice for leaders focused on return on investment. Enhance your ability to oversee business performance and set the stage for expansion by gaining comprehensive insights into crucial business data, spanning financials, warehouse and inventory management, throughout your supply chain and overall business operations. Embrace the transformative capabilities of the Next Generation 360° ERP of Zumbido – Zumbido Express.

Let’s be part your efforts to achieve profitability and competitiveness.
  • Manage and reduce cost;
  • Raise operational efficiency
  • Reduce risk and achieve compliances
  • Enhance Customer and Vendor Relationships
  • Discover new avenues of generating revenue
Let’s be part your efforts to operational efficiency and streamlined supply chain.
  • End-to-End process management
  • Inventory Management
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Data Driven informed decisions
  • Quality with traceability
  • Manage vendor and customer relationship in your supply chain
Let’s be part your efforts to achieve greater system performance and stability.
  • Low-cost adoptation and simplified onboarding
  • Achieving digital transformation
  • Zero cost to manage and run the software
  • Reduced learning time for users
  • Improves efficiency and productivity
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • High performance and secured technology

360° ERP Software to maximize profits and minimize waste

When you make Zumbido Express your playbook, you initiate a process of maximizing profits and minimizing waste across all components of your business, thus realizing significant value.

Improved Financials

  • Around 35% TCO reduction*
  • Around 13% reduction in operating cost*
  • Shorten financial transaction cycles
  • Around 17% improvement in on-time shipment*

Effective Inventory Management

  • Around 22% reduction in inventory cost*
  • Track inventory in real time
  • Efficient Warehousing

Fast and accurate Processes

  • Around 50% effort reduction in statutory compliance report compilation*
  • 40% reduction in supplier communication cost*
  • Reduce process delay through electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Efficient document management

Enhanced decision making

  • Improved data-sharing across organization
  • On the go access to Zumbido Express
  • Exceptional alerts and reports

Optimized resource utilization

  • Around 18% improvement in resource utilization*
  • Material requirement planning (MRP) for efficient use of resources
  • Reduction in reported wastages during manufacturing

Improved Customer service

  • Improved tracking of warranties and after-sales customer requests
  • 95%+ Perfect Score

Visibility and collaboration

  • Virtual ERP to have visibility in the distribution chain and implement sales and distribution policy
  • Real time collaboration with suppliers for production schedule, inventory status, deliveries, and their suppliers

Distinctive Advantage of 360° ERP Software

The playbook, Zumbido Express, not only offers cost-effectiveness but also simplicity in usage. Empower yourself to take command of your business functions and customize them as needed to align with the scaling up of your business.


  • Pay-as-you-use subscription model
  • No Maintenance Cost
  • Saving cost on multiple platform subscriptions
  • Data Security at no extra cost
  • Single point data entry in the ecosystem
  • Minimize on Human Resource requirement


  • Direct to suppliers communication and transactions
  • Instant Communication of transaction processing
  • Digital document sharing within ecosystem
  • Access anytime anywhere on any device


  • Control over manufacturing process
  • Control over raw material utilization
  • Inter-organization communications
  • In-transaction document retrieval
  • AI enabled DSS


  • Hosted on most secured cloud servers – AWS – the world trusts and operates
  • DR (Disaster Recovery) and CDN
  • Scheduled Data Back-up
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Access your data securely and store locally.


  • Configurable Solution
  • Future requirement Scale-up ready
  • Automatic updates as per best industry practices – most current solution
  • User friendly interface – minimum training requirement

Multienterprise Collaboration

When the world is moving to Multienterprise Collaboration Network, why should your business be stuck with legacy ERPs and keep on investing on multiple portals and Digital Data Exchange (DDE) solutions to connect with your business partners?


Multienterprise Collaborative Network will be the future and it’s better that you adopt is today and be ahead of your competitions. Zumbido Express architecture has been designed in such way that it enables connection with your business partners in a single click, without toggling different portals and the data that enters once in the ecosystem is never digitized again.

Adopt Zumbido Express with Confidence

Our scalable solution is deployed on one of the world’s most secured cloud servers – the AWS cloud. It is device agnostic and can be accessed through the web on any device, providing customers with flexibility.