Zumbido Limited

Who we are

Zumbido Limited is incorporated in Canada under Federal Business Laws. The corporation has been conceived by four professional entrepreneurs to bring a disruptive innovation into economic space. The product is intended to change the way businesses do transactions among them and make the world a single workplace by integrating services related to business.

The promotors have rich experience in managing operations of Small and Medium Businesses and have strong technical expertise. Zumbido Limited has designed and developed products after sustained research on operations of the SMBs and the difficulties faced by them in being cost efficient and competitive.

Zumbido Limited is an Information Technology enabled product company that is committed to shine through its quality products and exceptional customer service in the phase of the new Industrial Revolution, often termed as Industry 4.0. As we dive into the most challenging information technology domain, we are confident of success owing to our unwavering focus on quality of service and products that are disruptive in innovation and will leave a deep impact on the businesses being carried out.

Flagship Product - Zumbido Express

Zumbido Limited has introduced a SaaS based IT Solution – Zumbido Express that provides comprehensive Digital Transformation Solution to SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses). SMBs can manage all organization functions, warehouses and inventory, products and product lines and can transact business with other business enterprises without leaving the platform doing away with integration, manual documentation and communication. Thus, all the business units taken together on the platform create smart supply chain and B2B marketplace through smart networking. The business enterprises can map their distribution network partners, supply network partners, and create a service network to provide repair/services of the products. The solution will create omni-channel distribution opportunity to businesses without intermediation of Zumbido.Zumbido will be introducing Zumbido Socio for inclusion of consumers as part of Smart Networking in an innovative manner.Zumbido has operationalized Zumbido Express in Canada and the Indian Subcontinent and plans to cover ASEAN countries over next few years in addition to developed countries.

Digitalization and Beyond

Zumbido’s initiative is in the Smart Networking and Smart Processes domain of digitalization, and expanding into integration of Logistics, procurement and warehousing which, currently, finds less focus and attention but are critical to operational efficiency of businesses, especially medium and small enterprises. It infuses efficiency in the ecosystem by combining the efficiency within a business achieved through adoption of smart processes.Zumbido Express is designed and developed with focus on small and medium enterprises, though ably suitable for large enterprises, and virtually eases the operational difficulties faced by business enterprises within the organization as well as connecting with their supply chain and thereby creating a digital ecosystem and visibility in the supply chain. Zumbido Express, apart from offering all the functions of an ERP to the enterprises (vertical integration), takes a few leaps beyond being just an ERP. It enables the enterprises in connecting with other enterprises (horizontal integration) that are integral part of the business (P2P) facilitating real time business transactions and communication and thus, does away with manual or other modes of communication and document and data sharing. A true Digital Ecosystem becomes a reality.Zumbido Express intends to enable the digital integration of engineering, operations, and performance to create a 360-degree view, drive long-term value and lower total cost of ownership (TCO), driving innovation across a business, reduce upfront costs and decrease the time-to-value of modern technology investments, thereby accelerating progress toward increased profitability of a business enterprise.

Digitalization Challenges

Digitalization of business ecosystem has its own challenges. It relates to human tendencies more than technical challenges. Digitalization is often substituted with “Digitization”. Digitization is basically converting physical data into electronic form whereas Digitalization is transfer of data in electronic form which may not involve any conversion of physical data.
  • Talented Employees at the centre of digitization

    Adopting new technologies can be hard for a business, especially when change goes to the core of its operations. According to Ad Hoc Research, Survey on digitization in the Canadian manufacturing sector, 2017, 65% of manufacturers that have adopted digital technologies said their experience went well or very well, while 35% found it more difficult.To better understand the latter result, the researchers asked entrepreneurs to identify the biggest challenges they’d faced when implementing digital technologies. A lack of technically skilled employees came first, followed by excessive costs and an unclear return on investment (ROI).

  • What are the biggest challenges in implementing digitization solutions?

    Lack of qualified employeesPerceived Excessive costsDifficulty knowing where to startUnclear return on investmentMeaningful data analysisEmployees’ resistance to changeCybersecurityFinancingData integrationTechnology’s complexity
    Other(Source: Ad Hoc Research, Survey on Industry 4.0 in the Canadian manufacturing sector, 2017)

  • How to make the Digital Shift in Business?

    Digital shift is core to the success of adoption of Industry 4.0 technology and solutions. The biggest challenge of industrial leaders isn’t technology – it is the people. While digital technologies are rapidly becoming a commodity, success largely depends on an organization’s Digital IQ, especially how well its digital leaders like the CEO, CTO, or CIO define, lead, and communicate the transformation. It’s also dependent upon the digital qualifications of the employees who need to roll out digital processes and services. Radical disruption isn’t always comfortable for the people who make it happen, so change management will also be critical. And with data analytics becoming a core capability for every industrial company, enhancing skills and organizational structures will be critical.

  • Empower your Employees-

    It’s critical to find and retain talented employees, especially in the digital age. As our survey shows, access to skilled employees is the main challenge facing technology adopters. Another key challenge is employees’ resistance to change. Therefore, organization’s ability to hire skilled staff and manage the team effectively when introducing new technology will be a key factor affecting your success.

  • Involve the Employees-

    from the outset in selecting the technology the organization wants to implement.

  • Share Organization’s Vision -

    for why this choice is important to the company, how it will enhance the value you deliver to your customers and how it will affect employees’ jobs. Some employees may fear the impact technology will have on their jobs or even that it will displace them. Whether this is the case or not, the organization needs to address these concerns head on. An open and honest discussion about the technology will help lessen concerns and get the staff excited about the new direction the company is taking.Of course, discussion is not enough. A company needs to offer the appropriate TRAINING FOR EMPLOYEES who will be using the new technology. You may also need to devise a plan for each employee who will be significantly affected by the new technology.